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Hey, Prospective Frosh!

IntroSems are designed with you in mind. Browse this catalog website to learn more and look for the 2024-25 seminars to post here in August, when you'll be able to start signing up for priority enrollment in 3 IntroSems every quarter.

Space Available

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Check back later! The list of IntroSems with space available posts after applications and priority enrollment, once course registration opens for the quarter though the end of Week 2.

Please read me first

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The following IntroSems have Space Available and are open for self-enrollment. Availability of open spots changes as students self-enroll, first come, first served. This list updates daily on weekdays. Seminars not listed on this page have waitlists. (Try emailing the instructor to see if it would be possible to join a waitlist.)

When attempting to enroll, check SimpleEnroll or Axess for the latest enrollment as seminars listed here may become full. For any cross-listed seminars, be sure to check enrollment across all subject listings. No statement of interest or permission number is required when a seminar is open for self-enrollment. 

Preference in IntroSems is given to first-year, sophomore, and new transfer students. All students are encouraged to email the instructor when self-enrolling in an IntroSem with Space Available, especially juniors and seniors as some IntroSems instructors may limit enrollment to first-year, sophomore, and new transfer students.

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