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This Explore IntroSems site is under construction.

All seminars for the 2022-23 school year will be published and available for signup on August 15, 2022. Thank you.

Calendar page with red pushpins to mark deadlines. By Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Dates and Deadlines

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Students may apply for priority enrollment in three IntroSems each quarter in the application database, the IntroSems' VCA, during the windows listed below.

Used number 2 pencil and eraser. By Kim Gorga on Unsplash

Dates and Deadlines for Academic Year 2022-23

Quarter Apply Application Deadline
Faculty Review & Enrollment Results by IntroSems with Space Available Open for Self-Enrollment in Axess
Autumn IntroSems August 15– September 6 September 6 September 6–22 September 22 September 23*
Winter IntroSems August 15–November 7 November 7 November 7–18 November 18 December 1
Spring IntroSems August 15– February 13 February 13 February 13–24 February 24 March 1

*Please note that Autumn IntroSems with Space Available will open for self-enrollment on Friday, September 23rd once Frosh are able to start enrolling in classes during NSO.