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Winter is coming.

Check out the IntroSems with Space Available and enroll in Axess starting December 1st at 9PM.

Neon sign of the word, "Change." By Ross Findon on Unsplash

Seminar Updates

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Course changes happen.

Keep up with additions, changes, and cancellations throughout the year here.


New in Winter

CEE 34N: Wind Energy Explained

New Frosh IntroSem from Civil & Environmental Engineering in Winter!

A group of white dice being rolled. Riho Kroll on Unsplash.
New in Winter

MATH 77Q: Probability and gambling

Additional offering of Sophomore IntroSem in Winter!

New in Winter

PSYC 30N: The Terrible Toll of Close Combat: Fact and Myth from Xenophon to Fallujah to the X-Box

New Frosh IntroSem from Psychiatry in Winter!

New in Winter

ENGLISH 27Q: The Childhood Novel

New Sophomore IntroSem from Creative Writing in Winter!

New in Winter

SLAVIC 61N: War and Literature after Socialism: Post-Soviet and Post-Yugoslav Art and Conflict

New Frosh IntroSem in Winter Quarter!

Haredi Jews protesting Zionism.
New in Spring

COMPLIT 37Q: Zionism and the Novel

Additional offering of WR2 Sophomore IntroSem in Spring!


Instructor Change

ANES 74Q: Mending a Broken Heart

Dr. Michael Ma will be co-teaching ANES 74Q instead of Dr. Sam Rodriguez.

Ida B. Wells and family, still from youtube video.
Winter Quarter

HISTORY 54N: African American Women's Lives

This seminar will be offered in Winter Quarter. Apply for priority enrollment by Nov. 7th.

Title Change

ENGLISH 21N: Ecologies of Communication

Title change! Looking for ENGLISH 21N: Sustainability? It's now traveling under the updated course title, Ecologies of Communication.

Deposition Chamber by Brooklyn National Laboratory via Flickr.
Title and Schedule Change

EE 21N: Making at the nanometer scale: A journey into microchips

Title change! Looking for EE 21N: What is Nanotechnology? It's now traveling under the updated title, Making at the nanometer scale: A journey into microchips. Check out the revised weekly schedule for EE21N in Explore Courses.

"Crayones cera" by Jorge Barrios - Own work.
Quarter Change

COMPLIT 51Q: Comparative Fictions of Ethnicity

COMPLIT 51Q: Comparative Fictions of Ethnicity will be offered in Spring Quarter only, not in Winter & Spring as previously advertised.


LRR and BAF profiles for the t47d breast cancer cell, top line.

BIO 4N:The Science and Ethics of Personalized Genomic Medicine

Canceled for 2022-23.

"Iceberg 2 1997 08 07" by Ansgar Walk. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons

PSYC 53N: Your Secret Mind: Getting to Know and Living with your Unconscious

Canceled for 2022-23.

Salmon being Sous Vide. ChefSteps, Flickr.

BIOE 32Q: Bon App├ętit, Marie Curie! The Science Behind Haute Cuisine

Canceled for 2022-23.

United Nations peacekeeper on patrol.

PEDS 60Q: United Nations Peacekeeping

Canceled for 2022-23.

Phytoplankton, the foundation of the oceanic food chain.

BIO 10N: Using Physics to Explain Biology: Mechanistic Approaches to Plankton Ecology

Canceled for 2022-23.

Lance Armstrong in a bike race. Patrick Storm via Flickr.

MED 71N: Hormones in a Performance-Enhanced Society

Canceled for 2022-23.

Immigrants being sworn in as US citizen in a classroom, holding individual American flags. Elias Castillo on Unsplash

SOC 19N: The Immigrant Experience in Everyday Life

Canceled for 2022-23.

National Institute of Standards and Technology - Qubits. Public Domain image.

PHYSICS 14N: Quantum Information: Visions and Emerging Technologies

Canceled for 2022-23.

The Raspberry Pi 3, a low-cost single-board computer manufactured by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

CS 49N: Using Bits to Control Atoms

Canceled for 2022-23.


ESS 15N: Fitting Fish Into Food Systems

Canceled for 2022-23.