Markus Covert

Markus Covert

Ph.D., UCSD, Bioengineering/ Bioinformatics (2003)
M.S., UCSD, Bioengineering (2002)
B.S., Brigham Young University, Chemical Engineering (1997)


Markus Covert says: "The main thing you need to know about this class is that I love science, and I love to cook! I taught a version of this class last year in Paris, as part of the Bing Overseas Studies Program there, and it was incredibly fun. More broadly, I'm a scientist in the Bioengineering Department who focuses on applying mathematics and engineering tools to better understand how cells work. My lab is probably best known for building the first "whole-cell" computer model, which was an effort to represent everything that was known about a bacterium using mathematical equations. That model has turned out to be an incredible tool for discovering new biology."

Our focus is on building computational models of complex biological processes, and using these models to guide an experimental program. Such an approach leads to a relatively rapid identification and validation of previously unknown components and interactions. Biological systems of interest include metabolic, regulatory and signaling networks as well as cell-cell interactions. Current research involves the dynamic behavior of NF-kappaB, an important family of transcription factors whose aberrant activity has been linked to oncogenesis, tumor progression, and resistance to chemotherapy.

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