Sophomore Seminars

Texts and Contexts: Spanish/English Literary Translation Workshop


This course introduces students to the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to translate texts from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. Topics may include comparative syntaxes, morphologies, and semantic systems; register and tone; audience; the role of translation in the development of languages and cultures; and the ideological and socio-cultural forces that shape translations. Students will workshop and revise an original translation project throughout the quarter.

Meet the Instructor(s)

Cintia Santana

Cintia Santana

Cintia Santana grew up as a Spanish-English bilingual and specializes in 19th- and 20th-century Spanish literature, particularly in the cultural relationships between Spain and the United States. Her interests include transatlantic and translation studies. She is the author of Forth and Back: Translation, Dirty Realism, and the Spanish Novel, 1975-1995 (Bucknell UP, 2013). Her short stories, poems, and translations have appeared in the Kenyon Review, the Missouri Review, Narrative, the Threepenny Review, and other journals. Her poem, “Notes to a Funeral,” was selected by Mary Szybist for inclusion in the Best New Poets 2016 anthology.