Sophomore Seminars

Culture, Psychology, and Mental Health Treatment


This seminar is a critical analysis of a Western approach to psychology and psychiatric terms of understanding mental illness, psychiatric phenomena, and treatment of mental health disorders. It will include an orientation and critique of western clinical psychology/psychiatry and an inquiry as to its relevance outside Western settings. Class will include discussions with guest speakers representing cross-cultural providers of mental health services as well as medical anthropologists and critics of the Western generalizations in psychiatry. Special attention will be placed on cross-cultural psychiatry and international mental health efforts.

Meet the Instructor(s)

Daryn Reicherter

Dr. Reicherter is dedicated to providing a combination of administrative and clinical services in the area of cross-cultural trauma mental health. He is a psychiatrist at the Center for Survivors of Torture, and works locally with refugee survivors from around the world. Dr. Reicherter is involved with the movement for promotion of trauma mental health and human rights issues spanning countries including Cambodia, Haiti, Zimbabwe, and Indonesia. He has published articles, chapters, and books on the topic of cross-cultural trauma. He serves as consultant to the Documentation Center of Cambodia for the Victims of Torture Project where he recently published a book on the topic of PTSD in the wake of the Khmer Rouge regime. He has ongoing involvement in the advocacy for human rights in the area of war crime through the programs he serves, and beyond. 

He has also been involved in the creation of clinical mental health programs for underserved populations in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the clinical director of the Integrated Behavioral Health Program at Ravenswood Family Health, and the cocreator of Integrated Behavioral Health at Gardner Health Center. He is the faculty adviser for Stanford's Free Clinic Mental Health Program.