Sophomore Seminars

Anatomy and Design Innovations


This Introductory Seminar provides students with the opportunity to expand their understanding of human anatomy and its influence on the design of commercial products, joint prostheses and performance of core strengthening exercises. Students will learn how societal advancements have evolved to increasingly accommodate human form and function. Guest speakers are experts in the fields of audiology, interior vehicle design, yoga/Pilates and prosthetics. In the online course, the laboratory component exposes students to human cadavers via the Anatomage Virtual Dissection Table, 3D digital apps, images and models. If the course is provided in hybrid form, human anatomy cadaver specimens will also be studied. By the end of this course, students will be able to explain how properly designed headphones and earbuds aid in sound detection; how innovatively designed automobile interiors aid in safety and musculoskeletal efficiency; how thoughtfully choreographed yoga and Pilates movements incorporate proper joint and muscle movement; how properly designed joint prostheses aid in joint movement and muscle function; and, deliver short group presentations using proper communication skills.

Meet the Instructor(s)

Bruce Fogel

“Learning human anatomy on cadaver specimens is fascinating, yet as a dental student, it was challenging to understand the relevance of much that I was learning, let alone the application of the anatomy to everyday life. This dilemma continued during my years in clinical practice and in the succeeding years developing interactive 3D software to teach anatomy. With joining the faculty at Stanford came the opportunity to develop an alternate approach to teaching anatomy, one in which the relevance of anatomy is the foundation of the course. Anatomy and Design Innovations is the result of this approach. Using cadaver specimens, 3D apps and the 3D virtual anatomy table as primary resources, students are free to use their imagination in designing products and exercises that are common in our society, along with learning the anatomy that is used with these products and exercises.”

Sakti Srivastava

Sakti Srivastava is professor and chief, Division of Clinical Anatomy, Department of Surgery, at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He has taught anatomy to a variety of learners at Stanford since 1999, and has championed the development of learning technologies and use of digital media to enhance traditional anatomy teaching.