Shannon Pufahl

Shannon Pufahl

PhD (ABD), University of California, Davis, English -- American Literature & Culture
M.A., University of Kansas, English -- American Literature (2006)


“I grew up on a farm in rural Kansas, where we raised dogs, pigs, and rabbits. I moved to California for graduate school after working as a bartender and freelance writer. As a Ph.D. student at UCDavis I studied early American literature, women's writing, and animal studies. I came to Stanford as a Stegner Fellow in Fiction, where I wrote a novel about gambling and queer history, called On Swift Horses, now forthcoming from Riverhead Books.  As a Jones Lecturer in the Creative Writing Program I teach classes in all genres and on a variety of themes, including Queer Stories, Form and Transformation, and Storytelling in the Arts.  My wife and I have a brilliant dog—a terrier mix named Fig—who loves cruciferous vegetables, the ocean, and naps.”

Shannon Pufahl is a Jones Lecturer in the Creative Writing Program. She teaches fiction, creative nonfiction, and writing across genres. She was a Stegner Fellow in fiction at Stanford, where she received a Centennial award, the University's highest honor for teaching assistants. She has published essays in The Threepenny Review and elsewhere, on topics ranging from John Brown and the Antebellum Midwest, to personal memoir. Her novel, On Swift Horses, about gambling, sex, and the post-war American West, is forthcoming from Riverhead Books.Shannon is also a PhD candidate in American Literature and Culture at the University of California, Davis. Her dissertation traces the animal welfare movement in the U.S. from its origins in the 19th-century, through the intense debates about animal life, suffering, and intelligence at century's end, and into the young adult animal novels of the early 20th-century. She is the co-coordinator of The Writer's Studio, a weekly workshop series sponsored by the Creative Writing Program, the Stanford Storytelling Project, and the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking. She also teaches in the Stanford Arts Intensive and online in Summer Session.

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