Richard Martin

Richard Martin

A.B., Harvard University, Classics and Celtic Languages (1976)
A.M., Harvard University, Classical Philology (1978)
Ph.D., Harvard University, Classical Philology (1981)


"Poetry and story-telling are my major interests. They have led me to do scholarly work on the epics of Homer (which beautifully combine both), as well as on medieval and modern Greek and Irish literatures. A Classicist and Celticist by training, I have further interests in the history of the novel; literary theory; folklore; and interpretive anthropology. All these areas, and more, can be fruitfully applied to the continually amazing work of James Joyce. I am eager to voyage once more through the novel with a hard-rowing crew."

I have taught for 19 years at Stanford; previously, I taught 18 years at Princeton. I am working on several books, concerning Homeric religion; Aristophanes; and comparative epic poetry.

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