Monika Schleier-Smith

Monika Schleier-Smith

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Physics (2011)
A.B., Harvard University, Chemistry & Physics, Mathematics (2005)


Monika Schleier-Smith is an assistant professor in the Department of Physics. She has been fascinated by quantum uncertainty since first encountering the concept in high-school chemistry class. To gain a deeper understanding, she shifted her focus towards physics and mathematics in college at Harvard. In her Ph.D. research at MIT, she began manipulating quantum uncertainty in the laboratory to improve the precision of atomic clocks. At Stanford, Professor Schleier-Smith’s research group uses laser-cooled atoms as model systems for studying many-body quantum mechanics. Applications range from advancing understanding of materials whose properties are governed by the behavior of many interacting electrons to engineering sensors that can reach the ultimate limits of precision allowed by the laws of physics.

Monika Schleier-Smith is an Associate Professor in the Physics Department at Stanford University.   She received her Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, following undergraduate studies at Harvard University, and subsequently pursued postdoctoral research at the LMU Munich and Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics. Her current research centers on advancing optical control of interactions among laser-cooled atoms, with an eye towards applications in quantum simulation, metrology, and computation.  She has pioneered techniques and ideas for simulating phenomena of condensed-matter physics and quantum gravity using tools of atomic physics, and developed protocols in quantum control for entanglement-enhanced sensing.

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