Marie Burks

Marie Burks


"Hello! I am thrilled to be offering a course in American health care activism. The topic could not be timelier, and it allows me to combine my interests in the social and political history of the United States; the history of science, technology, and medicine; and science and technology studies. The inspiration for this course came from a Thinking Matters course I've had the pleasure of teaching twice now, THINK 56: Health Care, Ethics, and Justice. That course examines injustices in the U.S. health care system. In this course, we will consider the efforts of ordinary Americans to bring to light and address those injustices. We will put contemporary debates about health care reform in historical context. I look forward to delving into these issues with you."

Marie Burks is a Thinking Matters Fellow at Stanford University. She received her PhD in History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, and Society from MIT in 2017. She holds a BA from Harvard University, where she majored in History and Science.

Marie’s research and teaching interests lie in U.S. history, the history of science, and intellectual history. Her dissertation examines how certain social scientists working in American universities conceptualized social conflict in the decades following World War II. It is a study in the politics of knowledge, asking what it meant for academic social scientists to theorize about conflict in an era of purported consensus.

Marie has taught courses in history, history of science, and science and technology studies at MIT and Harvard. At Stanford, she teaches “THINK 61: Living with Viruses” and “THINK 60: American Enemies.”

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