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URBANST 66Q: Local Government in Action

Meet the Instructor | General Education Requirement

Course Description

The purpose of this Introductory Seminar is to give sophomore and first-year students a better understanding of the importance and relevance of local government, as well as the knowledge, resources, confidence, and experience to explore careers in public service. It is based on last year’s two-quarter activity course, Local Government in Action: How to Make a Difference in Your Community (PUBLPOL 21SI and PUBLPOL 22SI). 

The IntroSem will include a broad-based introduction to local government with guest speakers and case studies (see here for the draft syllabus which outlines the flow of the class and assignments). Students will work with local community partners to provide policy recommendations for real world projects (last year they included civic infrastructure in Stockton, electric vehicle infrastructure in Pacifica, and environmental justice and sustainability in Mountain View). An example of a project deliverable from last year’s course, the white paper developed for the City of Pacifica, can be found here. Dan Rich, Lecturer and former city manager, will be the Principal Instructor for the seminar, supported by three students involved in last year’s course. 


General Education Requirement

 Meet the Instructor

Dan Rich

Dan Rich

"I am passionate about public service and introducing more students to local government in particular (something I didn't learn about until years after graduating college!). I have more than thirty years of public sector experience, including fourteen years as a city manager (in nearby Mountain View and Campbell). Earlier in my career, I spent nine years in the Sunnyvale city manager’s office, four years as Assistant City Manager in Belmont, and five years working for members of Congress.

"Since retiring, I have been teaching a public policy practicum, an introductory Land Use class, and serving as advisor to a student-led Local Government in Action class. I also do consulting and have been volunteering with local non-profits."

Learn more about Dan Rich