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Status released for Autumn IntroSems

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ORTHO 97Q: Sport, Exercise, and Health: Exploring Sports Medicine

This course is expected to experience high student demand.

This course is expected to experience high student demand. Sophomores and new transfers who decide to rank a high-demand WRITE 2 course when making their three selections for priority enrollment are advised to select non-high-demand IntroSems being offered the same quarter for their second and third choices.

Course Description

Sport and exercise medicine is a body of knowledge at the interface between function and performance, health and competition. For this reason, the clinical practice of sports medicine is a high-stakes endeavor that aims to balance health and ethical concerns with the demands inherent in sport. For many, sports medicine is understood to be a specialized service provided to elite athletes. While sports medicine had its origins in providing care to elite and professional athletes, medical advances developed in treating these athletes can also exert a profound effect on the nature and quality of care provided to the broader, noncompetitive community. The most powerful contribution from sports medicine has yet to be made: the public-health mandate to harvest the knowledge and resources associated with the medical care of elite athletes on behalf of a much broader population.

Topics covered in this seminar include musculoskeletal injuries, medical conditions associated with sport and exercise, exercise and health, ethics, coaching, women's issues, and human performance. The material presented will involve actual cases, lectures, debates, presentations, and discussion. An emphasis is placed on critical thinking.

This course fulfills the second-level Writing and Rhetoric Requirement (WRITE-2) and will emphasize oral and multimedia presentation.

Meet the Instructor: Calvin Hwang

Calvin Hwang

Dr. Calvin Hwang is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Orthopedics. He completed his residency in Emergency Medicine and a fellowship in sports medicine at Stanford. He is a team physician for Stanford Athletics.