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BIO 4N: The Science and Ethics of Personalized Genomic Medicine

LRR and BAF profiles for the t47d breast cancer cell, top line.

General Education Requirements

Not currently certified for a requirement. Courses are typically considered for Ways certification a quarter in advance.

Course Description

In this seminar, we will explore the exciting new field of personalized genomic medicine. Personalized medicine is based on the idea that each person's unique genome sequence can be used to predict risk of acquiring specific diseases and to make more informed medical choices. We will learn about the fascinating science behind these approaches, where they are heading in the future, and the ethical implications such technology presents. Classes will be augmented with hands-on experience in exploring and analyzing a real person's genome, and guest lectures from leaders in the field.

Meet the Instructor: Hunter Fraser

Hunter Fraser

Hunter Fraser did his undergraduate work in biology at MIT, his Ph.D. in genetics at UC Berkeley, and his postdoctoral research in genomics back at MIT. After a brief time working for a pharma company, he joined the Stanford faculty in 2009. His research interests are in evolutionary genomics, studying questions such as how gene regulatory networks evolve and how these evolutionary changes impact human diseases. As a Cal alum but current Stanford employee, he is happy no matter who wins the Big Game.

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