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When you look at seminar descriptions on ExploreIntroSems, you have the option to add the course to your Annual Seminar Plan. Each class you add will appear on a wishlist on this page. To get started, you can browse seminars by Frosh or Sophomore Seminars, or sort by Interest, Ways, Quarter and more from the home page.

Use this list to keep track of seminars you are interested in for the entire academic year. Your selections are not binding and you may add as many seminars as you wish to this list. To actually sign up for priority enrollment in an IntroSem, be sure to visit the separate sign-up site,, according to the quarterly sign-up windows listed below.


Enter Autumn Quarter Selections By August 28

Go to the IntroSems' VCA sign-up site at Enter your Autumn Quarter rankings and in a brief paragraph or two, respond to the following prompt for your first choice seminar:

Pick something in the seminar description and explain why it grabs your attention. Perhaps it reminds you of a prior experience, inspires you to tell a story about yourself, or unearths a curiosity you didn’t know you have. Don’t worry if the story doesn’t seem relevant to the IntroSem. The purpose is for the professor to learn more about you as they assemble the class.

Written comments are required for your first choice IntroSem only each quarter. Statements of interest for your second and third choices are optional. Be sure to answer any seminar-specific questions regardless of how you rank the IntroSem; these faculty want to know more about you than the standard question reveals.
The deadline to sign up for priority enrollment in Autumn Quarter IntroSems is 8AM on Friday, August 28, 2020.

After September 10, 2020 and throughout the year

Revisit your IntroSem selections for Winter, Spring, and Summer and make updates as needed to accommodate new interests or schedule changes. Finalize your selections in the IntroSems' VCA before each quarterly priority enrollment sign-up deadline at

Please note that the IntroSems' VCA is open for sign-ups one quarter at a time. Students may only enter information in the IntroSems' VCA during the following quarterly sign-up windows:


All quarterly deadlines are at 8AM (Pacific Time).


My Plan is a tool you can use to bookmark and track seminars you are interested in. To add seminars to your wishlist, you must be logged in using your SUNet ID. Once logged in, you will see an "Add to My Plan" link on each seminar page. Please send feedback on this feature to

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