All IntroSems By Quarter

Accessing Architecture Through Drawing John Barton Civil & Environmental Engineering
Animal Behavior: Sex, Death, and Sometimes Food! Joseph Garner Comparative Medicine
Belonging in a Diverse Society Greg Walton Psychology
Black Panther, Hamilton, Díaz, and Other Wondrous Lives Jose Saldivar Comparative Literature, Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity
Busting Energy Myths Anthony Kovscek, Channing Robertson Energy Resources Engineering
Causes and Consequences of the Rise in Inequality Luigi Pistaferri Economics
Character Esther Yu English
Childish Enthusiasms and Perishable Manias Scott Bukatman Art & Art History, Film & Media Studies
Dare to Care: Compassionate Design John Moalli Chemical Engineering
Demystifying Pregnancy: Physiology, Policy and Politics Sylvie Blumstein, Cynthia DeTata Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dramatic Tensions: Theater and the Marketplace Amy Freed Theater and Performance Studies
Energy Options for the 21st Century John Fox Applied Physics
Functional Materials and Devices Yuri Suzuki Applied Physics
Gendered Innovations in Science, Medicine, Engineering, and Environment Londa Schiebinger Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, History
Genes, Memes, and Behavior Scott S. Hall, Ph.D Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Government by the Numbers Mark Duggan, Steve Ballmer Economics, Public Policy Program
Great Ideas in Graphics Doug James Computer Science
Great Inventions That Matter Shan X. Wang Materials Science & Engineering
Heartfulness: Mindfulness, Compassion, and Responsibility Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity, Lifeworks
I Bet You Think You're Funny: A Workshop in Humor Edward Porter Creative Writing, English
Imaginative Realms: Writing Beyond Realism Keith Ekiss Creative Writing, English
Imagining Women: Writers in Print and in Person Valerie Miner Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity, Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Income and Wealth Inequality from the Stone Age to the Present Walter Scheidel Classics, History
International Organizations and Accountability Erica Gould International Relations
Jane Austen's Fiction Alex Woloch English
Laboratory Mouse in Biomedical Research Claude M. Nagamine Comparative Medicine
Law and the Biosciences Henry T. (Hank) Greely Genetics
Making Sense of Strategy David Demarest Graduate School of Business, Strategic Management
Mark Twain and American Culture Shelley Fisher Fishkin American Studies, English
Mathematical Mindsets - The Interplay of Identity & Knowledge in Learning & Life Jo Boaler School of Education
Metalheads of Modern Science Leora Dresselhaus-Marais Materials Science & Engineering
Mitochondrial Transport and Function in Neuronal Health and Death Xinnan Wang Neurosurgery
Nietzsche and the Search for Meaning Matthew Smith German Studies
Noam Chomsky: The Drama of Resistance Rush Rehm Theater and Performance Studies
Probability and Gambling Gene Bernhard Kim Mathematics
Public Policy and Personal Finance Gregory Rosston Economics, Public Policy Program
Queer Sculpture Terry Berlier Art & Art History
Race and Gender in Silicon Valley Cynthia Lee African and African-American Studies, Computer Science
Russia's Weird Classic: Nikolai Gogol Lazar Fleishman Slavic Languages and Literature
Science in the News Hans Andersen Chemistry
Sculpting with Sounds, Images, and Words Jaroslaw Kapuscinski Music
Secrecy James R. Jacobs MD PhD Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Self Theories Carol Dweck Psychology
Sensory Ecology of Marine Animals Stuart Thompson Biology
Serial Storytelling Michaela Bronstein English
Socialism vs. Capitalism: Russian and American Writers’ Responses Yuliya Ilchuk Slavic Languages and Literature
Sports Writing John Evans Creative Writing, English
Stalin's Terror: Causes, Crimes, Consequences Norman Naimark History
Texts and Contexts: Spanish/English Literary Translation Workshop Cintia Santana Comparative Literature, Iberian & Latin American Cultures
The Detective and the City Frederic Stout Urban Studies Program
The Global Warming Paradox Noah Diffenbaugh Earth Systems Program
The Good Death Anna Bigelow Religious Studies
The Meaning of Life: Philosophical, Aesthetic, and Religious Perspectives Thomas Sheehan Religious Studies
The Neuroscience of Stress and Reward: Circuit Fundamentals of Emotional Arousal William Giardino Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
The New Wave: How the French Reinvented Cinema Cecile Alduy French and Italian
The Personal Genomics Revolution: Focus on Mental Health Laramie Duncan Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
The Roman Empire: Its Grandeur and Fall Richard Saller Classics, History
The Video Essay: Writing with Video about Media and Culture Shane Denson Art & Art History, Film & Media Studies
The Worst Journey in the World: the Science, Literature, and History of Polar Exploration Rob Dunbar Earth System Science, Earth Systems Program, Geological Sciences
Theatrical Wonders from Shakespeare to Mozart Blair Hoxby English
Things About Stuff Thomas Lee Electrical Engineering
To Die For: Antigone and Political Dissent Rush Rehm Classics, Theater and Performance Studies
Understanding the Welfare System Thomas MaCurdy Economics
Using Bits to Control Atoms Dawson Engler Computer Science
Write Like a Poet: From Tradition to Innovation Michael Shewmaker Creative Writing, English
Aardvarks to Zebras: The A to Z of Animal Anatomy Kerriann Casey, DVM Comparative Medicine
African American Women's Lives Allyson Hobbs African and African-American Studies, American Studies, Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity, Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, History
Art and COVID-19: A Health Humanities Perspective Laura Wittman French and Italian
Becoming Whatever You Want to Be: Lessons Learned from a Stem Cell Jill Helms Surgery
Blood and Money: The Origins of Antisemitism Rowan Dorin History
Chemical Engineering for Sustainability Shari Libicki Chemical Engineering
Chemistry in the Kitchen Richard Zare Chemistry
City, Space, Literature Ato Quayson English, Urban Studies Program
Clean Water Now! Urban Water Conflicts Alexandria Boehm Civil & Environmental Engineering
Comparative Fictions of Ethnicity David Palumbo-Liu American Studies, Comparative Literature, Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity
Conservation Photography Susan K. McConnell Biology
Does Social Media Make Better Physicians? Dr Michael Gisondi Emergency Medicine
Eloquence Personified: How To Speak Like Cicero Christopher Krebs Classics
Energy, the Environment, and the Economy Frank Wolak Economics
Family Trees: The Intergenerational Novel Austin Smith Creative Writing, English
First Chapters: Please Allow Me to Introduce My Novel Tom Kealey Creative Writing, English
From the Internet for People to the Internet of Things Fouad Tobagi Electrical Engineering
Gender and Media Patti Hanlon-Baker Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Great Discoveries and Inventions in Computing John Hennessy Computer Science
Hormones in a Performance-Enhanced Society Andrew R. Hoffman, M.D. Medicine
How to Start Your Own Country: Sovereignty and State-Formation in Modern History Steven Press History
Human Origins Richard Klein Biology
International Environmental Policy John Weyant Management Science & Engineering
Intersectionality and the Politics of Ballet Janice Ross Theater and Performance Studies
Intracellular Trafficking and Neurodegeneration Yanmin Yang Neurology & Neurological Sciences
Law and Inequality Richard Ford Law School
Life at the Extremes: From the Deep Sea to Deep Space Anne Dekas Earth Systems Program
Linguistic Meaning and the Law Cleo Condoravdi Linguistics
Love and Death Patrick Phillips English
Making Fun of History: Insults, Mockery and Abuse Language in Antiquity Hans Bork Classics
Making Sense of Strategy David Demarest Graduate School of Business, Strategic Management
Mass Atrocities: Reckoning and Reconciliation Pawel Lutomski International Relations
Neuroforecasting Brian Knutson Psychology
Ocean Conservation: Pathways to Solutions Larry Crowder Biology
Ouch it Hurts! The Comparative Neurobiology of Pain Cholawat Pacharinsak, DVM, PhD Comparative Medicine
Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence John Etchemendy Philosophy
Photographing Nature Robert Siegel Microbiology & Immunology
Physics in the 21st Century Savas Dimopoulos Physics
Psychology of Xenophobia Rania Awaad, MD Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Randomness: Computational and Philosophical Approaches Mary Wootters, Thomas Icard Computer Science, Philosophy
Religion in Anime and Manga Michaela Mross Religious Studies
Scientific Method and Bias John P.A. Ioannidis Medicine
Secrecy James R. Jacobs MD PhD Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Shakespeare, Playing, Gender Patricia Parker Comparative Literature
Social Networks Mark Granovetter Sociology
Sport, Exercise, and Health: Exploring Sports Medicine Calvin Hwang Orthopaedic Surgery
Storytelling in Medicine Lauren Edwards, Bryant Lin Medicine
Surgical Anatomy of the Hand: From Rodin to Reconstruction James Chang, MD Surgery
The Art and Science of Engineering Design My T. Le Electrical Engineering
The Big Shift Michael Wilcox Anthropology, Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity
The Changing Face of Mental Illness in Women: Historical, Medical and Artistic Approaches Katherine Williams, Regina Casper Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
The Future Is Feminine Shannon Pufahl Creative Writing, English, Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
The Global Positioning System: Where on Earth Are We, and What Time is It? Sherman Lo Aeronautics & Astronautics
The Living Genome: Implications for Biology and Beyond Jonathan Pollack Pathology
The Psychology of Stoked: An Investigation of the Art and Science of Joy and the Exploration of Happiness Daryn Reicherter, Shashank V. Joshi, MD Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
The Science and Ethics of Personalized Genomic Medicine Hunter Fraser Biology
The Science of Diverse Communities Claude Steele Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity, Psychology, Sociology
The Soviet Union and the World: Views from the Hoover Archives Norman Naimark History
The U.S. Congress in Historical and Comparative Perspective Gary Cox Political Science
The Worlds of Thomas Jefferson Jonathan Gienapp History
Thinking About War Mark Lewis History
Transatlantic Women Modernists: Writing Across the Divide Alice Staveley English
Understanding Children's Health Disparities Donald Barr Pediatrics
United Nations Peacekeeping Bertrand Patenaude International Relations, Pediatrics
Views of a Changing Sea: Literature and Science William Gilly Biology
Women Making Music Heather Hadlock Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Music
Your Secret Mind: Getting to Know and Living with Your Unconscious Hans Steiner Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
How to make a tornado (and other flows in the atmosphere and ocean) Leif Thomas Earth System Science
3D Printed Aerospace Structures Debbie Senesky Aeronautics & Astronautics
Accessing Architecture Through Drawing John Barton Civil & Environmental Engineering
Aerodynamics of Race Cars Charbel Farhat Aeronautics & Astronautics
After 2001: A 21st Century Science Fiction Odyssey Melissa Stevenson English
Am I a Part of Earth? Understanding of Rock, Water, and Time Joey Nelson, PhD Earth Systems Program
And that’s why cats should never eat garlic! Jose Vilches-Moure Comparative Medicine
Animal Archives: History Beyond the Human Alison Grace Laurence History
Animal Behavior: Sex, Death, and Sometimes Food! Joseph Garner Comparative Medicine
Animal Poems Denise Gigante English
Animal Use in Biomedical Research Megan Albertelli Comparative Medicine
Art in the Metropolis Jean Ma Stanford Arts Institute
Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health Kaustubh Supekar Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Behind the Big Drums: Exploring Taiko Stephen Sano, Linda Uyechi Asian American Studies, Music
Being Reasonable Krista Lawlor Philosophy
Bird Brains and Monkey Business Cynthia C. Flores Psychology
Bon Appétit, Marie Curie! The Science Behind Haute Cuisine Markus Covert Bioengineering
Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy Michael Boskin Economics
Catching up with Traditional Ecological Knowledge Tadashi Fukami Biology
Challenging Sex and Gender Dichotomies in Medicine Marcia L. Stefanick, Ph.D. Medicine
Coming-of-Age Movies Karla Oeler Art & Art History, Film & Media Studies
Contemporary African Politics David D. Laitin Political Science
Critical Illness: Patients, Physicians, and Society Erin Hennessey, MD Anesthesia
Culture, Psychology, and Mental Health Treatment Daryn Reicherter Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Cystic Fibrosis: From Medical Conundrum to Precision Medicine Success Story Ron Kopito Biology
Data-Driven Decisions and Discovery Jennifer Widom Computer Science
Decolonizing Global Health Takudzwa Shumba Medicine
Designing Science Fiction Planets Sonia Tikoo-Schantz Geological Sciences, Geophysics
Engineering the Micro and Nano Worlds: From Chips to Genes John (J) Provine, Roger Howe Electrical Engineering
Exploring the Critical Interface Between the Land and Monterey Bay: Elkhorn Slough Christopher Francis Earth System Science, Earth Systems Program
Family Stories Brittany Perham Creative Writing, English
Genes, Memes, and Behavior Scott S. Hall, Ph.D Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Globally Emerging Zoonotic Diseases Stephen Felt, DVM, MPH Comparative Medicine
How Beliefs Create Reality Alia Crum Psychology
It's the Freakiest Show: David Bowie's Intertextual Imagination Tiffany Naiman English
Japanese Companies and Japanese Society Bob Sinclair Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering
Joys and Pains of Growing Up and Older in Japan Yoshiko Matsumoto East Asian Languages and Cultures, Japanese
Just Feelings Roanne Kantor English
Justice across Borders Leif Wenar Philosophy
Languages, Dialects, Speakers Arto Anttila Linguistics
Leaving Patriarchy: A Course for All Genders Nina Schloesser Tarano Creative Writing, English
Making an Impact in Global Health: Surgery, Innovation, and Business James Chang, MD Surgery
Maps in the Modern World Kären Wigen History
Mathematics of Knots, Braids, Links, and Tangles Wojciech Wieczorek Mathematics
Medical Device Innovation Joseph Mandato, Mr Ryan K Pierce Bioengineering
Mending a Broken Heart: The Anatomy, Physiology, and Psychology of Congenital Heart Disease Manchula Navaratnam, M. Gail Boltz, Samuel Rodriguez, MD Anesthesia
Pathophysiology and Design for Cardiovascular Disease Paul J. Wang, MD, Ross Daniel Venook Bioengineering
Performing America: The Broadway Musical Thomas Grey Music
Perspectives on the Abortion Experience in Western Fiction Erica P. Cahill MD, Paul D. Blumenthal, MD, MPH Obstetrics and Gynecology
Perspectives on the Good Life Lee Yearley Religious Studies
Quantum Information: Visions and Emerging Technologies Monika Schleier-Smith Physics
Race, Blackness, Antiquity Sarah Derbew Classics
Resilience, Transformation, and Equilibrium: The Science of Materials Yoda R Patta, Ph.D. Materials Science & Engineering
Resistance and Collaboration in Hitler’s Europe Jelena Batinic History
Russia in the Early Modern European Imagination Nancy Kollmann History
Science of the Impossible Jennifer Dionne Materials Science & Engineering
Sexuality and Society Lisa Medoff Human Biology
Shakespeare and Performance in a Global Context Patricia Parker Comparative Literature
Sport, Exercise, and Health: Exploring Sports Medicine Calvin Hwang Orthopaedic Surgery
The American Road Trip Kai Carlson-Wee Creative Writing, English
The Art of Medical Diagnosis Thomas Caruso, Samuel Rodriguez, MD, Lauren Toomer Anesthesia
The Artist in Ancient Greek Society Jody Maxmin Art & Art History, Classics
The Immigrant Experience in Everyday Life Tomas Jimenez Sociology
The Taboo Lauri Dietz English
Us and Them: The Psychology of Intergroup Relations Nir Halevy Graduate School of Business, Organizational Behavior
Were They Really “Hard Times”? Mid-Victorian Social Movements and Charles Dickens Gabriel K. Wolfenstein, Ph.D. English, History
Zionism and the Novel Russell Berman Comparative Literature, Jewish Studies