Humanities Core

Enroll in a HUMCORE IntroSem to join an intellectual community dedicated to exploring how history and ideas have shaped our world and future. The three Humanities Core tracks—East Asian, European, and Middle Eastern—introduce you to the literary, cultural, and philosophical traditions of entire regions over the academic year. Take all three courses in a track to understand a region over time or take one or two courses from different tracks for a cross-cultural understanding of the Humanities. All three tracks meet together on Fridays each quarter to consider shared ideas across regions. (Please note: the first course in the European track does not appear here because it is not an IntroSem.)

All HUMCORE courses are at least 3 units and many satisfy WAYS requirements. One of the HumCore IntroSems satisfies the university's second level writing requirement, WRITE 2: HUMCORE 13Q/GERMAN 13Q/DLCL 13Q - Humanities Core: Great Books, Big IdeasEurope, Modern.

Although the HUMCORE seminars give preference to sophomores, first-year students are absolutely eligible, and are welcome to sign up and enroll in them as well.

Visit the Humanities Core website to learn more.

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