IntroSems By Interest

Social Sciences

How to Make a Racist , Steven O. Roberts
Becoming Kinder , Jamil Zaki
Secrecy , James Jacobs
Linguistic Meaning and the Law , Cleo Condoravdi

Technology and Design

Riding the Data Wave , Chiara Sabatti
What Is Nanotechnology? , H.-S. Philip Wong
Hormones in a Performance-Enhanced Society , Andrew R. Hoffman, M.D.
Experimental Stroke , Heng Zhao
Current Concepts in Transplantation , Olivia Martinez, Sheri Krams
Medical Device Innovation , Joseph Mandato, Mr Ryan K Pierce
Anatomy in Society , Sakti Srivastava, Bruce Fogel
Social Networks , Mark Granovetter
Using Bits to Control Atoms , Dawson Engler
Diamonds , Wendy Mao
Aerodynamics of Race Cars , Charbel Farhat
Place: Making Space Now , Thomas Beischer
Technology in the Greenhouse , Franklin M. ("Lynn") Orr, Jr.
Science of Information , Tsachy Weissman, Ayfer Ozgur
Soft Robots for Humanity , Allison Okamura
Archaeology in the Digital Age , Justin Leidwanger
Pathophysiology and Design for Cardiovascular Disease , Paul J. Wang, MD, Ross Daniel Venook

Telling Stories

Sports Writing , John Evans
Art in the Metropolis , Charles Kronengold
Comparative Fictions of Ethnicity , David Palumbo-Liu
The Detective and the City , Frederic Stout
Shakespeare, Playing, Gender , Patricia Parker
The American Road Trip , Kai Carlson-Wee
The Future Is Feminine , Shannon Pufahl
Family Stories , Brittany Perham
Writers' Salon , Keith Ekiss