Space Available

Please Read Me First:


The following IntroSems have space available, no statement of interest or permission number required. Openings are subject to change as students self-enroll, first come, first served. This page updates daily from Explore Courses. TIP--Check Axess for the latest enrollment in a class as sometimes this page can fall a little out of date while enrollment data propagates in from the registration system.

Preference for spots in open IntroSems with Space Available is given to first-year students and sophomores. All students (especially upper class students) are strongly encouraged to contact the instructor when adding an IntroSem to their study list. (Heads-up! Some cross-listed courses below may actually be full--be sure to check enrollment across ALL subject listings for the course for availability. In Axess, click on the 'Class Search' button to see the latest enrollments across subject listings. In Explore Courses, expand the blue schedule link to see enrollment in each subject listing.)

IntroSems not listed on this page but showing as having space available in Explore Courses like WRITE 2 IntroSems have instructor-managed waitlists. Courses with waitlists are closed and are not open for self-enrollment in Axess (they require a permission number from the instructor to enroll). If you see an available spot in a closed IntroSem, email the instructor to express your interest and ask to be added to their waitlist.

Please note that IntroSems are small courses that draw on active in-class participation, so if you are attempting to add the course in the second or third week of the quarter, be aware that instructors may not allow you to join the seminar so late even though Axess lets you enroll.


Check back later! We typically show the complete list when Axess is open for registration.