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This Summer, find something that stands out.

Check out the three IntroSems being offered this summer, and apply in the IntroSems' VCA.

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Welcome to Explore IntroSems, the catalog site for Introductory Seminars!

What is an Introductory Seminar?

  • A small, discussion-based class, typically 10-16 students
  • A community formed around shared intellectual interests on a particular topic
  • A gateway to research where you can choose a subject and investigate it in depth
History students examining illuminated manuscripts.

Students work directly with Stanford’s rich collections of medieval manuscripts, art, and artifacts. 

Offerings from all seven schools

All seven schools of the university offer IntroSems, and most students enroll in at least one IntroSem during their first year. About 120 of over 200 IntroSems are targeted specifically for frosh. These Frosh IntroSems are taught by Academic Council (tenure-line) faculty representing 45 departments.

Signing up for IntroSems is easy, and the online application process offers you and the professor the chance to learn more about each other before the class begins.

For general information about the IntroSems Program, please visit the Student tab on our program site.


Choose a research question that surprises you

IntroSems are designed for you to approach areas of inquiry that may be new to you, within or beyond your intended discipline. They bring you to the cutting edge of the frontiers of new knowledge, where you can grapple with the unknowns that drive research today. What if I studied...?

Marc Tessier-Lavigne

"Engage deeply with fellow students who will become your lifelong friends as well as faculty members who will be your mentors and are some of the best scholars in their field."

Marc Tessier-Lavigne,
President of Stanford University