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Status released for Autumn IntroSems

Log into the IntroSems’ VCA  to review your status. Preview the Autumn IntroSems with Space Available and enroll yourself in SimpleEnroll/Axess starting this Wednesday, September 20th, after 2PM. No application or permission number required. Bookmark the page—seminars are subject to change!

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Why Enroll in IntroSems?

IntroSems are an excellent opportunity to interact in small, discussion-based seminars with some of the Stanford's most esteemed and talented professors and instructors. These academic classes are designed specifically for frosh, sophomore, and new transfer students as exciting and accessible ways for Stanford’s newest undergrads to get to know a discipline at a research university without having to go through survey classes or preliminary materials first.

Because of this specific course design, IntroSems have a special quarterly application process open only to first-, second-year, and new transfer students to request priority enrollment before regular registration opens. Apply for IntroSems in disciplines that you may not know much about, or in fields that you think you might major in. You might find a new interest, reaffirm your interest in a field, or, perhaps even more usefully, discover that you aren’t as interested in a field as you thought you were before taking prerequisites! Better yet, you might even find a faculty mentor in your IntroSem, meet new friends who share your intellectual interests, or connect with someone who can write you a recommendation letter later.

Taking one IntroSem—or many over your first nine quarters at Stanford—can be a formative and unparalleled experience for students. When it comes to choosing IntroSems, let your curiosity guide you. 

How will you make IntroSems part of your Stanford journey?

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